Alma Behavioral Group’s Treats multiple conditions using a diverse set of tools to help our patients to overpass any
difficult situation and circumstances, such as anxiety disorders, depression, behavioral disorders, and other mental health conditions.

Services Offered

Psychiatric Evaluations

Our evaluations aim to clear diagnosis and individualistic treatment plans. Our Psychologists will determine what information to use based on the formal test results.

Individual Psychotherapy Sessions

Our Psychotherapy sessions focus on establishing a collaborative is a collaborative treatment based on the relationship between an individual and a psychologist.

DNA drug’s metabolism testing

With advance testing, we can identify variants in your genes that may be responsible for the effectiveness of certain medications and possible side affects you are more susceptible to.

Medication Management

Our expert pharmacists review your medication to determine if you are receiving optional care, identify potential conflicts and resolve them in order to facilitate the best possible health outcomes.

NeuroStart TMS

Alma Behavioral Group offers some of the best technology for depression therapy available in the world to treat our patient.

Optimized ADHD Treatment

We adopt an optimized approach to identify the unique needs of each individual, establish treatment goals, develop a customized treatment plan and re-evaluate responsiveness to reassess goals.

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