Medication management

Medication management is a program that ensures you get the prescription medication you need to manage your mental health condition. Many mental health conditions are caused by a chemical imbalance in the brain. Prescription medications help to restore the balance to alleviate symptoms.

Dr. Mendez determines if you’re a good candidate for their medication management program.

You may be considered a good candidate for medication management if you’re in search of routine care for a chronic mental health condition that requires ongoing medicine use.

During your first visit, your doctor will discuss various medication options and collaborate with you in making the choice. When indicated, natural alternatives, such as prescription-strength medical foods, are offered as well. After the initial evaluation, brief follow up sessions are scheduled for medical monitoring

Patients who struggle with understanding their regimen’s effects

Patients need to understand their medicines’ purpose, safety, and effectiveness, as well as potential risks from mixing meds with food or supplements. Understanding why they need to take certain drugs and in specific ways can also encourage them to take a more active role in managing their meds and their overall mental health.

Patients who aren’t experiencing the desired outcomes

Managing a patient’s therapy and medication plan in tandem can fix this. Tracking a person’s meds intake not only ensures a patient takes meds consistently but also reduces complications arising from habitually misusing medication.