Wellness Program to Improve your Health for your brain

People who eat healthy usually do better in life. That is why Alma Behavioral Group emphasis so much on wellness and thus the reason we created the Alma Wellness Program. This program is designed to take psychiatric treatment to a whole new level and to maximize the recovery time for people who might be affected by a mental illness such as anxiety or depression.

With the Alma Wellness Program we can customize a meal and exercise plan based on your brain type. This allows us to not only help individuals with psychotropic medications but also with food and exercise. As they say, “Let food be thy medicine and medicine thy food.”

Yet, the Alma Wellness Program does not stop there. We incorporate into the program neurotransmitter testing to further customize the program and make it more efficient than any other wellness program out there. Because neurotransmitters have a high impact on how we feel, we believe that it is crucial for us to incorporated into the wellness program because someone’s past failure to get healthy, might be due to an underlying cause that would have not other wise been identified without this type of test.

Another aspect that we highly believe in is in educating each patient and not just telling them what to do but also why to do it. With this type of education we show our patients that eating healthy and exercising has a positive impact not only in the environment but also in the brain by helping you avoid what is known as the “dinosaur syndrome.”

This syndrome has been confirmed by a series of studies that have shown that as your weight goes up, the actual physical size of your brain goes down. It has also been discovered that as your weight goes up, your thinking and reasoning goes down as well; which means unless you get your weight under control, it will become harder and harder to make good healthy decisions such as whether to avoid process foods high in sodium, fat, and sugar.