Psychotherapy Sessions

ALMA_PAGE_PSYCHIATRIC-SESSIONSAlma Behavioral Group understands that the brain is the organ of behavior and that neuroplasticity (which is the term utilized that describes how our brain adapts and changes) is possible thru psychotherapy. This is why Alma Behavioral Group gives such an emphasis to psychotherapy. Because just offering a psychiatric evaluation in today’s world is not enough. Psychotherapy is the treatment of mental disorders by psychological rather than medical means and is a process focused on helping the individual heal and learn more constructive ways to deal with problems or issues of everyday life. Yet, when you combine both psychiatric and psychological treatment you get better outcomes.

For individuals it’s impossible to erase a past traumatic event and sometimes psychotropic medication alone is not enough. With psychotherapy, we at Alma Behavioral Group can aid in the process of neuroplasticity by starting to create new positive events that may ease the pain and discomfort of those past traumatic ones.

Psychotherapy is not only useful in the treatment of past traumatic events but also in treating low self-esteem issues along with constant negative thoughts that may get in the way of our everyday life. In all, there are different types of psychotherapy. One is know as CBT or Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, which is useful for the following conditions:

  • Depression
  • Anxiety Disorders
  • Bipolar Disorders
  • Eating Disorders
  • Schizophrenia

Another type of psychotherapy is known as interpersonal therapy, which is used to help individuals with depression or dysthymia (a more persistent but less severe form of depression.) Plus, there is also family-focused therapy among many other types of psychotherapy.