Psychiatric Evaluations

ALMA_PAGE_PSYCHIATRIC-EVALUATIONSAlma Behavioral Group utilizes a new and more effective multidisciplinary approach to mental and physical health than most other psychiatrists who still utilize the same approach that has been used for over 60 years. These old approaches still focus on diagnosis clusters and usually go like this: A doctor evaluates your symptoms, forms a diagnosis based on those reported symptoms, then prescribes a medication.

Alma Behavioral Group utilizes brain imaging, targeted lab studies and the exploration of biological, social and spiritual influences to create a tailor made, targeted treatment plan for each individual patient. In addition, when appropriate, we provide nutraceutical options to help with symptoms instead of medications that have a higher risk for unwanted side effects.

Here at Alma Behavioral Group we know that no two people are alike, and that treatment is not a one-size-fits-all, especially in psychiatry. With a complete picture of the four components that make an individual, (biological, psychological, social, and spiritual) our doctors and professionals can provide a personalized, targeted treatment formulated for your specific needs.

That is why Alma Behavioral Group psychiatric evaluations are like no other and have been proven to provide better outcomes than conventional approaches.

First do no harm

First do no harm is a core principal here at Alma Behavioral Group, which is why our doctors and professionals follow a simple guiding principle: Find solutions that will treat the condition most effectively while imposing the least possible toxicity.

Why do we do this? Believe or not, some of the medications that psychiatrist prescribe today are toxic to your health which in turn make symptoms worse. That is why Alma Behavioral Group offers nutraceutical options that have been proven to be effective and are not toxic when taken as instructed.

Head Injuries

Most psychiatrists today do not emphasis enough on head injuries and as a result, psychiatrists do not ask. Here at Alma Behavioral Group we have been able to identify that head injuries matter and being a victim of a brain injury may have devastating effects on someone’s life. That is why we ask (more than twice) if someone has ever suffered a head injury because working on rehabilitating that head injury can make the different between a successful or unsuccessful outcome.