Medication Management

ALMA_PAGE_MEDICATION-MANAGEMENTAt Alma Behavioral Group your medications will be tailored based on the information collected through your clinical assessment, labs results, medication interactions and Dr’s experience. Evidence based information will be offered on demand. At Alma Behavioral Group we strive for excellence and having the last psychopharmacological knowledge.

At the end of your initial evaluation, Dr. Mendez will suggest one of several forms of treatment. He might recommend pharmacotherapy psychotherapy or both. If you prefer the use of natural supplements or nutraceuticals, Dr. Mendez will made recommendations based on quality and evidence based results

Please bring a list of your current medications. If any doctor changes your medications while you are in treatment with Dr. Mendez, let her know as medications can interact with each other.

When taking psychiatric medications, it is best to think of treatment as a long-term investment rather than a cure or a quick fix. Medical treatment can alleviate the severity of your symptoms and can help you manage your condition, but it is always good to remember that medications are not a complete solution. In conjunction with medication management, your commitment and changes in life style/ wellness approach is usually necessary to make sure that symptoms remain in check.

How Medications Work

Psychiatric medications work by influencing chemical processes in your brain. Depending on which medication you have been prescribed and the reasons you are taking them, the rate of recovery can be highly variable. Some medications have fast-acting effects and start improving symptoms almost immediately. However, most medications take weeks or even months before they achieve their full beneficial result. Your psychiatrist, nurse, or pharmacist can help you set realistic expectations about how long it might take for you to start experiencing benefits from your medication.
If you cannot tell if your medications have made a difference, it can be helpful to ask the people around you for their observations. Sometimes, your friends and family may notice improvements long before you do. Not all symptoms respond at the same time to medical treatment. It is quite common to notice improvements in your sleep well before you experience improvement in your mood.