ALMA_PAGE_EDUCATIONAt Alma Behavioral group we believe that psycho-education is a fundamental part of treatment for patients and family members which will lead the patient to understand and be better able to deal with the presented illness. Definitively, having a better knowledge of owns mental condition will hep the pt and the family to cope better with the challenges of having it.   Also, the patient’s own capabilities, resources and coping skills are strengthened and used to contribute to their own health and wellbeing on a long-term basis.

Through an improved view of the causes and the effects of the illness, psycho-education frequently broadens the patient’s view of their illness and this increased understanding can positively affect the patient. The relapse risk is in this way lowered; patients and family members, who are more well-informed about the disease, feel less helpless.

Important elements in psycho-education are:

Information transfer (symptomatology of the disturbance, causes, treatment concepts, etc.)

Emotional discharge (understanding to promote, exchange of experiences with others concerning, contacts, etc.)

Support of a medication or psychotherapeutic treatment, as cooperation is promoted between the mental health professional and patient (compliance, adherence).

Assistance to self-help (e.g. training, as crisis situations are promptly recognized and what steps should be taken to be able to help the patient).

At Alma Behavioral Group patients learn what the standard and alternative treatments available are and what the risks and benefits of each are. We believe that the more a person is aware, informed and knowledgeable about their problem and how it affects their life and the lives of others, the more control that person can have over their life, the better the patient can deal with and live with their condition. Psycho-education empowers the patient and those close to the patient and helps to diminish barriers to successful treatment by acknowledging the condition and recognizing the importance of medication and/or psychotherapy in treatment.


At Alma Behavioral Group, psycho-education is designed to bean integral part of the overall treatment plan and is an important part of psychotherapy and psychopharmacological treatment