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NeuroStar TMS

With this cutting-edge technology, we can treat a range of mental health and neurological problems.
Our clinicians have the required experience and training to deliver an effective service.
• Non-drug, non-invasive
• No systemic side effects
• Covered by most insurances
• FDA-cleared technology

What is NeuroStar?

NeuroStar is a safe, effective, non-drug depression treatment that uses focused magnetic pulses, similar in strength to an MRI, to revitalize connections in an area of the brain involved in regulating your mood. When these connections are reawakened, many people experience measurable relief from their depression.

Does it Work?

In a study of "real-world" outcomes (meaning actual NeuroStar patients), 83% of people who completed the full NeuroStar treatment cycle experienced a measurable decrease in the severity of their depression, and 62% of those completing treatment saw full remission - meaning their depression effectively "went away."

Does it Hurt?

While there may be some minor discomfort at the treatment site (where the device touches your head), it generally subsides within the first week or treatment. There is no sedation, or impact on your alertness. You can read, watch TV, or talk with your treatment coordinator during your session, and you can drive home immediately after treatment.

Does Insurance Cover It?

Over 300 million people have insurance plans that cover NeuroStar, including Medicare and Tricare. Conditions and coverage can vary by insurance company, and your NeuroStar Team Lead will help you determine your benefits and coverage. We also offer cash-pay and patient financing options if desired, talk with your NeuroStar representative for more details.

Who is NeuroStar for?

NeuroStar is FDA-cleared for adults with Major Depressive Disorder who have not found relief from antidepressant medications. A NeuroStar leader will walk you through the full qualifications for treatment during your initial consultation.

Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation

It is a new medical therapy that uses pulses of magnetic fields to stimulate nerve cells in the area of the brain thought to control mood. Each magnetic pulse passes through the skull into the brain.

Better Days Are On The Horizon.
Your Road To Recovery Is Just A Step Away.

Qualify for TMS

Before initiating TMS therapy, we conduct psychotherapy sessions and testing of the patient to determine their eligibility.

Begin Treatment

TMS is a safe and effective treatment for depression; and is free from the side effects, you might experience with antidepressant medication.

Watch Your New Life Unfold

With magnetic pulse therapy through your head, brain regions responsible for mood are stimulated and you start to feel better.

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